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Premier Takes A Ride With OSAS

The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society assisted with today's news conference at Grand River Raceway where the Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, outlined the new five year plan for horse racing in the province.

Joanne Colville, OSAS's administrator, and the horse Digga Digga, provided Wynne a jog around the track prior to the start of the formal conference.

During her remarks Wynne thanked Joanne and Digga Digga, and referenced the discussion she'd had with Joanne regarding the timing to today's announcement with respect to yearling sales.

"It's a pleasure to be here and thank you to Joanne and Digga Digga for that amazing ride this morning, it was beautiful.

"Joanne and I were just talking when we were on the quiet other side of the track that the timing of this announcement has to do with getting it out early enough so that I think it's the yearling sales that are so important, we wanted to get this announcement in place so there was some certainty in what is happening."

She also made mention of meeting Joanne's daughter, Emma, and how she is just one of many young people working and hoping to find a future in the horse industry in Ontario.

"This is an industry, that as I have said, that has a long history in Ontario. There are tens of thousands of jobs that are part of the industry, and those jobs into the future. When I came to Grand River the first time I met youngsters, I met Joanne's daughter this morning, there are young people who want this industry to be their future.

"So I think it is absolutely what the government should be doing. My understanding us that there are really no horse racing industries in any other jurisdictions that don't have some kind of government involvement, some kind of government support."

(Morgan Scott photos)

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