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OSAS Summer 2013 Newsletter

Here is an update on 2013 adoptions so far:
January and February started off slow for OSAS adoptions, as was expected. There was very little hay available for purchase, so if barn owners/managers did not have some stored away, there was no way to bring in any new mouths to feed before the spring pasture came up.
So in February, we were very pleased to have a family from the Standardbred industry in Lucan take in one of our senior fellas, 17 year-old Baltic Joe. He is an example of a retiree within our program who is well deserving of a wonderful retirement home. With lifetime earnings of close to a quarter million dollars, this race family considered Joey a classy guy and stepped up to offer him a pleasant, relaxed home with occasional trail riding.
Joey is rather a quirky gentleman and a little on the anxious side, so it was difficult to find just the right owners who would accept him as he is and not demand too much from him. He had given his share during his six year race career.
In March, once the reality of slot machines being pulled from racetracks began, OSAS decided to waive their usual adoption donation of $500 for riding horses and $350 for mature horses over 15. With this advantage, our adoptions increased over the next two months with applicants who were considering a pleasure riding or driving horse.
Ten horses from OSAS were placed into caring, permanent homes during March and April, some of which had been fostering those horses for a year or two. Streaker (10 year-old gelding), Fitzmichael (10 g), Sweet Decision (25 year-old mare) and Tantallon Whiskey (22 g) ended up staying with their loving foster homes.
It is hard not to grow attached to these wonderful horses while offering foster care and we are thankful to the foster homes who decided to assist in decreasing OSAS's monthly foster expenses and make their home the permanent home for these horses.
Three of these were adopted as companion horses and Fitzmichael likes to do English riding and jumping with his new owners in the Peterborough area. Win Amigo (7 g) made a move to a show home in Burks Falls to be with two other previously adopted OSAS horses.
Viva Paco (13 g) left his old life behind and has become a wonderful family pet/pleasure riding horse near Erin, Ontario. Bryant, a tall, lean handsome fella found his new place as a jumper after much dedicated training from three different foster homes.
The last of this spring group to go went together to Sault Ste Marie: Mayabe (7 m), Rippled Effect (7 m) and Ima Tough Guy (7 g). After a long trip, they settled well into their new home where they are doted on by young day campers and they teach new riders the ropes with a qualified coach.
With the adoption fees still being waived, Calcannya and Gamblon Squirt found permanent homes in July. Calli will enjoy trails with a young couple and possibly some fun showing. Squirt is moving in with Donnas Emerson, an OSAS horse adopted in 2011 by a wonderful Stouffville family who like to do trail and farm riding.
Bullville Roma (14 g with one eye) found his comfy spot with a foster mom who does workshops that teach patience and acceptance between people and horses. A deep bonding that goes beyond surface connections. To find out more about that, please check out
A very special acknowledgement of thanks goes out to all of our foster homes whose time, training and dedication make all these adoptions possible. Also to the volunteers who assist with promotional events, clerical and fundraising events, guardian follow-ups and stable visits.
Adoption of so many horses over the 17 years since OSAS was first formed does not happen without the contributions and assistance of many hundreds of people offering their skills, time and financial assistance over the years. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

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