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OSAS Graduate Exceeds Expectations

"We are constantly amazed at how versatile the Standardbred breed is. He excels at anything we ask of him, and he does it eagerly with kindness, gentleness and a professional work ethic. These are wonderful horses (we have owned many different breeds and a few Standardbreds) and we highly recommend these horses for anyone who wants a willing, athletic partner," praises Susan Aldis of her horse Sparkaluck.

Aldis adopted the now 10 year old son of Northern Luck, whom she calls Sherman, from the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society in 2010 and it's proven to be a wonderful fit.

"Today we slid down a 70 degree slope into a ravine where he tackled his first river crossing and scrambled up sheer slopes like the unflappable gentleman that he is. He took great care of me through the difficult terrain," reported Sue.

"Last month my endurance Arabian was off with a lameness and Sherman took his place in competition (without any prior experience or training) and ended up placing third in Ontario in the Standardbred division of the Ontario Competitive Trail Association! And he is a gaited horse to boot. He can travel faster at a lateral walk (a lovely no bounce gait) than most horses can trot."

Anyone interested in adopting a Standardbred is encouraging to contact the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society at 905-854- 6099 or 647-669-6727 or by email: Descriptions of horses available may be found at

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