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Mister Big Gives Big Returns to Equine Guelph for a Second Year

A Hall of Fame induction has not changed Joe Muscara Jr.'s belief in giving back to the grass roots of the industry. For a 2nd year, Joe has donated a Mister Big breeding, with proceeds to the Equine Guelph education programs taken by Joe himself!

Joe's generous donation of a stallion fee to the Standardbred sensation standing at Tara Hills Stud in Port Perry will be auctioned through the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society's stallion auction from February 23 to February 27.

"We are 150 years into a grand experiment of developing a horse that can pull a cart real fast. Most of that time, we did what our grandfathers did," says Muscara, owner of Mister Big. "Now, with the rapidly accelerating scientific discoveries in all facets of equine endeavours, that is not enough to excel - not even enough to survive." "You need the tools to evaluate what is new; Use what is good and avoid what is not," continues Muscara. "Equine Guelph did not teach us how to train Mister Big, but it did give us the tools to evaluate what we were doing and the confidence to stick with the plan over three magical seasons."

"The support of Joe Muscara is helping us build the education and training program for the equine industry," says Gayle Ecker, director of Equine Guelph "and we appreciate the value of this significant contribution." The Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society will be auctioning the Mister Big breeding on behalf of Equine Guelph at their annual stallion auction from February 23 to February 27. This auction raises money to assist in the placement of retired Standardbreds in the province. In return Equine Guelph will be donating one of its online courses to OSAS for an auction at a later date, thus continuing the circle of growth which begins with life-long learning.

To join in on the bidding go to To donate to Equine Guelph's education program or for more information on online courses, go to

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